Is it splitsville for Katy Perry and Rob Ackroyd?

Is it splitsville for Katy Perry and Rob Ackroyd?If sources are to be believed, pop star Katy Perry has split from Florence andthe Machine guitarist Rob Ackroyd. Perry, who broke-up with husband Russell Brand in Decemberafter just 14 months of marriage, decided to end her new relationship with Ackroyd because of theirwork commitments, reported People magazine. "The main thing which led to her split with Russell wasspending the majority of her marriage to him on tour and she said dating Rob felt like being with Russellall over again," a source said. "It's a shame as they both liked each other but Katy wants to be able tohave a relationship with someone she isn't constantly having to work out what time zone they're in. Robwas gutted but Katy said she didn't want to get in too deep and then break his heart so it was best to cutthings off before they got serious," the source added.