Is Rihanna new Victoria Bekham of fashion world?

Is Rihanna new Victoria Bekham of fashion world?Los Angeles, March 6 -- The recent collaboration with designer Giorgio Armani has inspired the pop sensation Rihanna so much that the Good Girl Gone Bad singer is now reportedly contemplating a career in the fashion world.The young singer, who has designed a collection for Armani, said, "I designed it with Giorgio. It was a collaboration and I helped him design it. I wanted something a little bit Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface... simple but sexy and a little gangster at the same time. I think it just showed that we work really well together".Rihanna told, "We have a pretty good relationship now since we have been working together on the campaigns and I've been designing a capsule line for his collection so he trusts my designs a little bit now so I get to play with him. It's great".