Jack O'Connell To Star As A Death Row Inmate In ‘Trial By Fire’

English actor Jack O'Connell is known for her remarkable acting in the movie Unbroken. The actor has been offered another remarkable role. The actor has been signed up for an upcoming fact-based drama movie.

The movie is titled as ‘Trial By Fire’, which will be helmed by Ed Zwick. Jack will be portraying the role of death row inmate Cameron Todd Willingham, who was convicted of the arson deaths of his three children. The movie is said to be an inspiration from David Gann's Polk Award-winning article, read by the director in 2009.

Regarding the movie, Ed was quoted as saying, “From the moment I read David's brilliant reporting eight years ago, I have been possessed by this deeply moving, true story of injustice”. He further added, “The story was all there, with these two compelling characters. It is a remarkable story about people. Not just capital punishment but justice, which is a very important word right now. It has to have that pull to keep you pushing it up the hill this many years”. The production of 'Trial By Fire' will start on October 2.

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Jack O'Connell To Star As A Death Row Inmate In ‘Trial By Fire’

Source: jack-oconnell.com