Julia Roberts loves playing pranks on her kids

Julia Roberts loves playing pranks on her kidsOscar-winner actress Julia Roberts revealed that she loves to scare her children but gets upset when someone plays a prank on her. The Pretty Woman star told Femalefirst that she enjoys seeing her kids Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry -- getting scared and often plays pranks on them. "I realised I was getting too much joy out of it so I've had to tone it down... Just like if I hear them comingand they don't know where I am in the house. I crouch down in their private space and they come in and just jump out. Little people can just catch air. They just vault. It's so wrong, the actress said. But Roberts accepted that she herself is not a very brave person. Talking about one of the incidents, the actress said, "Oh my God! Am I the perfect person to scare or what? It doesn't even come across how scared I was - it did not come across there and I changed outfits because I peed in my pants! I screamedlike I was being mugged on a subway".