Justin Bieber makes a fool of manager Scooter Braun

Justin Bieber makes a fool of manager Scooter BraunDespite achieving so much success in the music industry, pop sensation Justin Bieber is still a child at heart and loves to play pranks. Saturday night the Baby hitmaker played a big prank on his manager and mentor Scooter Braun, who had left his Twitter account open by mistake. Justin, faking himself as his manager wrote, "hahaha. look who left their twitter open by mistake! priceless. I Love Justin. He is the greatest. I wish i had more hair. Pranked." He added, "i wet the bed...often." However, Scooter didnt like the teenage act of Justin and has sworn to take revenge. He wrote just after taking control of his account, "not cool. for my friends..that wasnt me. 18 year old kid snatched up my twitter. I apologize. Im back. I only wet the bed sometimes. and yes...revenge will be mine."