Katy Perry may play role of Paul Potts wife in One Chance

Katy Perry may play role of Paul Potts wife in One ChanceNew York, March 3 -- "Firework" hitmaker Katy Perry is in talks with Harvey Weinstein to star in the biopic of opera singer Paul Potts, winner of the talent show Britains Got Talent2007.During a chat with Harvey at his pre-Oscars party last weekend, the duo talked about the possibility of Katy playing the wife of the performer, who was a mobile phone salesman before hitting the jackpot in the first series of Simon Cowells TV show.I was talking to Katy about a new project, a possible dramatic role in the Paul Potts movie, which willbe shooting in England soon. Wed really like someone like Katy or Adele to play the role of Potts wife, and Katy seemed genuinely interested, Harvey was quoted as saying by the New York Post.If the deal is struck then the singer-actress will have to work hard both on her looks and accent to essay the role of Julie-Ann Cooper in One Chance opposite an as-yet unnamed British actor as Julie is curvy and has a British accent.However, Katy is reportedly ready to accept the challenge.