Keira Knightley buys $5 million love nest

Keira Knightley buys $5 million love nestPirates of the Caribbean star Keira Knightley has reportedly bought a $5 million house to live with rocker boyfriend James Righton after marriage. The Hollywood star has bought the townhouse in Spitalfields, East London, after she was proposed by the Klaxons rocker after a 15-month courtship, reported Showbizpsy. According to reports, the luxurious home is a four story building which has a cinema, dressing room, library, garden and a music room. "It used to be a tough neighborhood and it still is a bit tough round the edges, but the influx of big stars is changing it dramatically. You see Keira wandering around, often wearing a hat to hide her features. She still gets recognized, but no one hassles her," a source said.