Kim Kardashian bans boyfriend West from meeting other girls backstage

Kim Kardashian bans boyfriend West from meeting other girls backstageIn an attempt to protect his rapper boyfriend Kanye West from other girls,Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has restricted female members of his entourage from beingalone with him backstage during the UK tour. Kardashian feels threatened from the girls whowill go with Wests on his upcoming tour Watch The Throne with fellow rapper Jay-Z and sheis accompanying her boyfriend during the show, reported Sun online. "Kanye has a load of girlshe's friends with. Most are stylists or from the fashion set but Kim's not happy about them beingalone with him backstage, a close source said. "She sees how well he gets on with girls becauseof his sensitive side and has decided to rein in the entourage a bit. Kim is trying to put a stop tothis as she doesn't want to look or feel awkward at any point," the source added. The ten-day tourhas already begun at London's O2 Arena last night. "She has her own area at the O2 so she canspend more time with Kanye. She realises he will need to do his thing with Jay-Z and the rest ofthe crew but she'll have somewhere for her and her pals to hang out," he added.