Kim Kardashian craves for supermodel figure

Kim Kardashian craves for supermodel figureShe may be a dream girl of hundreds of men but Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kim Kardashian herself is not happy with her physique and wants to be skinny like models. Though the glamorous actress has accepted her curvaceous body, but she is not always confident enough to show off her body and craves for a supermodel figure, Contactmusic reports. "If I could have anyone's body, I'd love to be a supermodel. I'd love to be skinny for the day. It's a process. You have to learn to accept it. You have to learn to like what you see in the mirror, but there are definitely times when I don't. I'm built a certain way and you just can't change that," the Reality TV star said. "In Hollywood, people are used to stick-skinny women, and that's never going to be me. Growing up, I'd look at those skinny models and feel like I looked different. I'm not always confident. I have hang-ups like everyone else - I've never been a big fan of my thighs," she added.