Kim Kardashian To have Third Child?

Kim Kardashian's best friend Simon Huck said that the actress has always loved the idea of having a big family. The actress is now planning to have a child with her husband Kanye West. Fans are now pretty much surprised to hear the news.

Latest reports reveal that Huck has said, “I'm not sure what her actual plan is but I know that having a big family and coming from a big family has been important to her.” Talking about the changes in the Kardashian family, he further said that the actress has gone through biggest transition after becoming a mother in her family.

Huck added to his talks that kids are the 'Beyond the Break' stars first priority. He said, “So it makes sense that she would want to have a bigger family”. As per reports, the 36-year-old reality star has recently hired a surrogate. Kim has also taken serious steps to ensure safe pregnancy again after giving birth to her second child this time.

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Kim Kardashian To have Third Child?