Kimberley Walsh doesnt believe in imitating fashion blindly

Kimberley Walsh doesnt believe in imitating fashion blindlyLondon, March 9 Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh feels it is wiser to wear what suits ones figure than to be a fashion slave.The curvy beauty says she will never be a slave to fashion and will only dress in what suits her figure as now she has learnt what suits her and what doesn't, the Femalefirst reported."I always try to focus on my figure and what's going to look better on my shape, rather than trying to be a slave to fashion and going along with trends regardless. Obviously I'm quite curvy with a smaller waist and a bigger bum, so I try to focus on that and draw attention to the smallest points," she said.The star suggested that girls should focus on what they like about themselves as it helps build self-confidence. "Everybody's got something that's great, so focus on that instead of the negatives. I also think a good tip is to look at people who have a similar body shape to you, rather than looking at a supermodel and thinking you're never going to look like that. You've got to try to find people who are a similar shape to you, with a similar look."