Kingsman 3 To Be Filmed In Asia?

The trio of Matthew Vaughn, Taron Egerton and Mark Strong from the Hollywood blockbuster movie series 'Kingsman' is very keen to go for the third installment. The second unit is all set to hit the screens tomorrow. Well, there are things that the actor-director team revealed about the series.

In a recent interview, when asked about the idea of drawing the character of Eggsy, actor Taron interrupted Matthew and said, "I think the fun that Eggsy had over the course of these two or perhaps even three films is that he's a work in progress." Well, Matthew told that Taron is growing up as Eggsy, mistaking and learning in real life as the character is supposed to do.

At last, over filming the next sequence in Asia, the director quietly confirmed the rumour as he said, "The good thing about Asia is there is so much culture there that can be celebrated and played with." He added that he could see all of them going over there and having some fantastic food and making a film there.  

Well, the time and venue for the shoot is still to be confirmed but if the rumours get true, it would be exciting for the lovers of The Kingsman in Asia.

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Kingsman 3 To Be Filmed In Asia?