Kingsmen To Hit Theatres This Week!

The most awaited movie of the year is finally going to premiere in theatres on September 22.  With just one week to go, the film has created a lot of buzz among the audience, which has been helmed by Matthew Vaughn. The previous version of the Kingsmen indeed had many eye-catching sequences and this time the audience is anticipating more from the new release.

 As Galahad Taron Egerton, the protagonist of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and his uncle, ex-galahad played by Colin Firth, deflect bullets with an umbrella or click their heels to reveal a knife secreted in the toe of their oxford shoes, one thing becomes quite clear - in their case, clothes maketh a man. The English gentleman spy is quite similar to Bond and Harry Palmer series, and films like The Ipcress File (1965), among others.

The story has been inspired by director Matthew Vaughn's own experiences of buying a bespoke suit from a tailor on Savile Row, London, during which he daydreamed about pulling on a hook on one of the walls and it opening a secret door. It would indeed be overwhelming to see the well-dressed spies lock horns with the Villains in such grand suits.

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Kingsmen To Hit Theatres This Week!