Kristen Bell Dislikes Pretending That Her Marriage Is Perfect

Actress Kristen Bell isn’t like the ones who despite not happy with their marriage pretends to show that everything is good between them. The 37-year-old married actor Dax Shepard in 2013 after dating for 6 years. The couple has as two daughters, Lincoln and Delta.

According to reports, the Hollywood actress said that like all other relationships, her marriage too suffers from problems. "Humans want nothing more than to be accepted, and I'm no different. That doesn't happen by presenting perfection," Bell said.

However, the Zootopia actress does not pretend that marriage is perfect. She said, "I believe in showing your dirty hands and your bumps and bruises and your faults, because that's what makes people feel connected, and isn't that kind of the purpose of, you know, being on Earth?" she said that she sympathize with those who pretend to behave ‘jerky’. The Frozen star said that whenever a problem occurs in their relationship, they try to discuss it rationally rather than ending up having a full-blown argument. She stated, “We go to couple’s therapy. We make sure that we’re talking with respect to each other. When we sit down to have a disagreement, it’s a disagreement, not an argument.”

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Kristen Bell Dislikes Pretending That Her Marriage Is Perfect