Leonardo DiCaprio Voluntarily Hands Over Brando's Oscar Along With Other ‘Gifts’

We all know the scrutiny Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio is in right now. He is part of an investigation by the US government into money laundering by a state-owned Malaysian investment fund. His film, ‘Wolf of Wall Street’, was bankrolled by production company Red Granite which is at the center of this investigation. For this, the actor voluntarily handed over his Marlon Brando's best actor Oscar statuette and other artifacts that he was gifted by the company.

The US Department of Justice believes that Riza Aziz, who is the co-founder of Red Granite, might have helped his stepfather, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, in embezzling $4.5 billion from a political development scheme. These unaccounted for funds were used for the production of ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

It is also believed that the laundered money was used for purchases of artwork and jewellery, purchase of luxury real estate and luxury yachts, paying of gambling debts and in other venues. DiCaprio also possesses a Picasso painting, a photograph by Diane Arbus and a Jean-Michel Basquiat collage which were gifted to him by Red Granite's purported financier, Jho Low. His spokesperson has stated that the actor had accepted these gifts only to auction them for raising money for his charitable foundation. The spokesperson also said that the actor is ready to return any gifts or donations that are required by the US government.

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Leonardo DiCaprio Voluntarily Hands Over Brando's Oscar Along With Other ‘Gifts’

Source: mirror.co.uk