Leonardo Dicaprio Wants To Portray Stan Lee In Biopic

Recently, actor Stan Lee revealed that actor Leonardo DiCaprio is keen to portray him onscreen, as the actor seems to be fascinated by the Marvel Comic icon’s life. The 42-year-old was seen earlier in the Oscar Award winning movie ‘Revenant’, where he played the lead actor. The actor is also producing his upcoming flick, 'Robin Hood'.

He said, “He has all the walls covered with big Marvel posters and everything. He's got very good taste”. Lee further revealed, “He's a neighbour of mine and we were talking one day some months ago, and he said, 'Boy it'd be fun to do your story on the screen'. So I said, 'Well, Ill audition you.' Gotta make sure the guy can do it”.

Moreover, in an event last week Stan Lee further disclosed that Leonardo is a huge fan of Marvel and is enthusiastic to play his character onscreen. It was revealed that Lee and DiCaprio were actually neighbours, which ended up with the comics creator visiting the actor's house. However, the biopic has not been announced yet.

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Leonardo Dicaprio Wants To Portray Stan Lee In Biopic

Source: peopledotcom.files.wordpress.com