Michael Douglas to spread awareness about oral cancer

Michael Douglas to spread awareness about oral cancerHollywood superstar Michael Douglas, who himself had undergone chemotherapytreatment last year to fight throat cancer, has taken up the responsibility of raising awareness aboutthe fatal disease. Douglas has given his assent to appear in a public service announcement (PSA)for an American NGO, Oral Cancer Foundation, Daily Express reported. The founder of the charityorganization, Brian Hill, said, "The foundation is indebted to Michael Douglas for partnering withus in the battle against oral cancer. Michael is a highly visible, well-known actor and a consummateprofessional. "Those qualities, when coupled with his personal cancer experience, yield a respectedvoice to this fight. His willingness right from the beginning of his journey, to openly talk about hisdifficult personal experience with oral cancer on TV and in print, has certainly created awareness in thepublic of a cancer too few have even heard of," Hill added.