Michelle Williams To Join Tom Hardy's 'Venom'?

It’s time to celebrate for the fans of Williams and Tom Hardy! The upcoming Hollywood film ‘Venom’ has something to reveal. Michelle Williams may join Tom Hardy’s ‘Venom’.

It is rumoured that Michelle Williams has been enlisted to play the female lead in 'Venom' that stars Tom Hardy as the Spider-Man supervillain-turned-antihero. According to the sources, she will possibly play Hardy's love interest in the Spider-Man spin-off. But the details of the character of the four-time Oscar nominee in the movie have not been revealed yet.

The film will be directed by a first time director in a series of films based on 'Spider-Man' characters, Ruben Fleischer. Also, Emmy-winning actor Riz Ahmed will be seen in the movie. 'Venom' is set to hit the Hollywood screens on October 5, 2018.

We are yet to see whether Michelle Williams teams up with Tom Hardy!

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Michelle Williams To Join Tom Hardy's 'Venom'?

Source: fanpop.com