Take A Look At Kate Winslet's Transformation Over The Years In These Stunning Pictures

Kate Winslet couldn’t have asked for a better debut. She arrived on the scene with one of the biggest blockbusters of all time - Titanic - and with Leonardo DiCaprio, became an icon. But what’s stranger is the fact that even 20 years later, she’s just as powerful a personality as she was back then. On Kate Winslet’s 42nd birthday, let’s take a look at her evolution over the years.

Unlike most of her contemporaries, Winslet has spoken with great passion about how she doesn’t really fit the movie star mould. She was bullied as a child, made fun of for being overweight, and told she would never amount to much. But here she is, decades later, with six Oscar nominations and one win. Here she is, raising millions for charity, making sure others aren’t subjected to the shame she was.

In between all the chatter about her personal life (is there something going on between her and Leo?) and her appearance (her top tip: don’t weigh yourself), Winslet has always stood apart because of her talent.

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