Rihannas happiness is not dependent on man in her life

Rihannas happiness is not dependent on man in her lifePop sensation Rihanna says she is not the kind of woman who remainsdependent on their partners for happiness as she finds joy on her own. The R&B; star feelspeople shouldn't look for true love all the time as it comes along when least expected,Contactmusic reported. "Being in love is definitely a big part of happiness, but you haveto find joy on your own first. You can't wait for a man to make you happy, said thesinger, who has been recently rumoured to be in a romantical relationship with formerboyfriend Chris Brown and actor Ashton Kutcher. "If a man is the one thing missingfrom your life, it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be unhappy. There's so much else. Ithink people focus on love a lot. Often when you're looking, that's exactly when youdon't find it," Rihanna said.She added, "I think it's so easy to depend on a man and youshouldn't. I think it's in women's nature to do that. We're giving, we're maternal and wecare. We want to give that love and make sure they're OK every step of the way".