Rosamund Pike "Barely Spoke" To Christian Bale While Filming 'Hostiles'

Actress Rosamund Pike recently proved that she is a through professional. In a recent interaction, the actress opened up that she barely spoke to actor Christian Bale during the filming of their latest flick 'Hostiles'. She added that she did this intentionally as she found it helped her during the shooting process.

She said, "Christian and I barely spoke, and to this day we hardly know each other". The flick is a period drama where Rosamund portrays the role of a suicidal widow. Her character in the film, Rosalie Quaid, undertakes the harrowing and perilous journey after the murder of her family on the plains by Comanche Indians.

The actress also said that she was troubled with her character in the flick. She added, "I sometimes felt very troubled that I could be in that space (playing the character), but then be fortunate enough to go home, and my children be alive. They were on location with me the whole time".

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Rosamund Pike "Barely Spoke" To Christian Bale While Filming &squot;Hostiles&squot;