Taron Egerton: Playing Eggsy Was Fun In Every Situation

Hollywood actor Taron Egerton, who was playing the lead in 'Kingsman: The Secret Service' is also the lead second film in the series, 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle', which released in India today. The actor is a graduate from drama school, who got the chance to star in a multi-million movie in 2014. On the suits used for the film, he said that the double-breasted suits, the striped tie is like a superhero costume, something which is recognizable and symbolic.

Talking about his role in the film, the young actor said, “Playing Eggsy was fun in every situation. It was nice when I got back to the street gear (in the film), the baseball cap, or went back to scenes of my homeland or my friends. It's like he goes to his roots in London (the way he used to be) before he became this crazy superspy. But equally, I loved wearing suits and do the superhero, superspy sort of things. That's what I liked in the first film. Eggsy almost played two characters there”.

Further, the actor revealed that he wears a baseball hat in his real life, which is quite appalling. According to the actor, there is very less difference in British and American actors and the culture between them that is shown in the film is quite superficial. The actor also expressed his love for his work, travelling, who wants to see the world.

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Taron Egerton: Playing Eggsy Was Fun In Every Situation

Source: www.etonline.com