Tori Spellings fourth child was not planned

Tori Spellings fourth child was not plannedThe news of getting pregnant just one month after delivering the third baby leftAmerican actress Tori Spelling shocked. The actress, whose youngest daughter Hattie is just five monthsold, announced that she's expecting her fourth child this fall with husband Dean McDermott. The 38-year-old said, she found out about the pregnancy when she went to a hospital for the treatment of amigraine problem, Contactmusic reported. "We found out the news together. I had chronic migrainesand I was in the emergency room getting treated for one of my migraines and when I got there theysaid, 'Before we can treat you, you have to do the pee in the cup'. And I said 'Oh, don't worry I'm notpregnant. I just had a baby a month ago', and they said, 'Sorry, it's policy at the hospital'," she said. Sheadded, "So I did it, and they came back and said, 'You're pregnant!' And I said, 'That can't be". However,a blood test confirmed the news and the couple decided to go ahead with their fourth child.