Usher advises Justin Bieber to enjoy his life, success

Usher advises Justin Bieber to enjoy his life, successAmerican singer Usher, who co-manages Justin Bieber, wants the teen pop sensation to enjoy his success without worrying over things out of his control. The Scream hitmaker said, I see him and his crazy life and just tell him to enjoy it. When I started out, things were crazy so I say to Justin, 'Life is not worth it if you're not living it. Creative people are perfectionists and obsess over things. Sometimes we need to relax and have fun. So Justin, enjoy it as I went round the world three times before I decided to look up and see it. Absorbing your surroundings when you travel is so important. Talking about his recent album Looking 4 Myself, the singer, who is currently fighting a bitter custody battle with ex-wife Tameka Foster for his two sons, said the album describes his present state of mind, ''You spend an entire lifetime looking for yourself. You're always looking to better yourself, or looking for the centre of balance. You can analyse the decisions you've made, the places you've gone, the things you've done and experiences you've had, and ask yourself, 'Man, am I holding it together? Am I going through the same thing? Is this becoming repetitive? Do I need to change something about myself? Do I need to find the right me? 'I felt it was a conversation worthy of the album title,'', he told The Sun.