Aravind Kaushik Next Is A Gangster Trilogy

Filmmaker Aravind Kaushik, who is gearing up for the release of his upcoming film ‘Huliraaya’ revealed that his next film is going to be a gangster trilogy. The filmmaker had earlier received acclamation for his film Nam Areal Ondina. Now that he is going to make this new film he says, “After Huliraaya, these are exciting times. Audiences expect great things from movies now”.

The 37-year-old filmmaker said that he had been thinking about what his next venture would be. He wanted to create unique content so that it is appealing to the audience. The filmmaker said, “Gangsters have always interested me, in the sense that I've always wondered about how gangsters live and what their everyday lives would be like. Once someone is a gangster, he is always supposed to be intelligent as well as intimidating. As I got thinking, a lot of interesting stories formed and that is when the thought of a trilogy cropped up”.

Further, the filmmaker said that he will soon reveal the name of the actor and the title. However, Aravind said that he has been influenced by likes of Martin Scorsese and Brian De Palma, the filmmaker wanted to Indianise his film. The film is based on universal emotions, in a Bengaluru setting. The flick will be a lot peculiar and its cinematography is going to be done by Manu Yaplar. 

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Aravind Kaushik Next Is A Gangster Trilogy