Dhruva Will Add Heat With His Punchlines And Signature Dance Moves In ‘Bharjari’

Actor Dhruva Sarja, who has made his acting debut in the 2012 film’ Addhuri’, is all set to be seen in his upcoming film ‘Bharjari’. The film, which is being helmed by lyricist-director Chetan Kumar will have Dhruva’s signature dance moves and some punchlines to add some heat to it. Previously, Chetan Kumar and Dhruva’s first collaboration,’ Bahaddur’ was a successful venture and it seems they are trying their luck once again.    

Moreover, Chetan said, “Right with his debut, Addhuri, Dhruva has set certain standards that his fans have come to expect of him — lengthy punchlines that are delivered at train speed, dance sequences with signature steps, and elaborate stunts. When I wrote Bahaddur, I knew I had to raise it a notch higher to make it even more interesting. With Bharjari, we knew that we had to outdo what we did in Bahaddur”.

The director further said that they had to figure out what would get them to whistle in appreciation for every scene, as Dhruva's fans are mostly youngsters. "Dhruva's introduction scene sets the tone, and his lines keep up the momentum. This formula applies to the songs and action sequences as well”. The songs in the film have been choreographed by A Harsha. 

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Dhruva Will Add Heat With His Punchlines And Signature Dance Moves In ‘Bharjari’

Source: tvlap.com