Police Officer Who Aided Pulsar Suni Got Arrested

The Kerala Police is set to take necessary action against a police officer, who has been identified to give aid to Pulsar Suni a.k.a. Sunil Kumar. Sunil Kumar is the major accused in the abduction and sexual assault of an actress.

According to sources, the officer will be suspended in a span of two days and further action will be further initiated in a detailed probe. The officer has been identified as Aneesh. He has been released on bail on Saturday. The officer was caught after a long process in which telecons of all the police personnel who escorted Dileep was comprehensively analysed.

It was found that the officer’s phone was used to send  voice recording of Suni besides contacting the actor and his close aide. A close source was quoted as saying, “At that time Dileep and others haven’t come to the picture, and hence he was unaware of the conspiracy”. It is being said that Dileep is again seeking for a bail.     

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Police Officer Who Aided Pulsar Suni Got Arrested

Source: data1.ibtimes.co.in