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EXCLUSIVE: Rahul Dev Reveals He Wants To Visit Delhi Immediately After Lockdown, The Reason Is So Heartwarming

Rahul Dev Will DO This After Lockdown

Everyone is under the 21-day lockdown imposed by the PM of India in order to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. There are many who are away from their families and don’t have any means to go see them. The b

April 04, 2020 04:56 IST

Shilpa Shetty Shares A Cute Moment With Son Viaan, Says She Is Grateful For A Son Who’s So ‘Sensible And Understanding’

Shilpa Shetty Shares A Cute Moment With Son Viaan

Shilpa Shetty had promised on Shamisha’s 40 day-versery that she would post about 20 things that she is grateful for. So far, she has been following it up and has been inspiring us all with her posts.

April 04, 2020 03:43 IST

Deepika-Ranveer Pledge Donation To PM-CARES Fund, Sonam Kapoor And Yash Raj Films To Also Help The Needy

Deepika-Ranveer, Sonam Pledge Donation

The coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to come to a standstill and has hit the economy like never before. While the upper class and the middle class have been affected to, it is the poor and th

April 04, 2020 03:08 IST

Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan Now Put Up Their 4 Storeyed Personal Office On Offer For BMC To Use As Quarantine Facility

SRK To Give His 4 Storeyed Office For Quarantine

Shah Rukh Khan is indeed the Baadshah of not just Bollywood but literally in every sense of the word. His magnanimity is incomparable. He has already donated a lot to the cause of fighting the deadly

April 04, 2020 02:09 IST

Karan Johar’s Kids, Yash And Roohi, Feels Shah Rukh Khan Is In His Closet; Watch Video…

Yash Roohi Thinks SRK Is In KJo's Closet

The lockdown time is going to be a treat for all Karan Johar fans as he is generously giving all his fans and followers of what a day in his life looks like with Kids Yash and Roohi around. The two ar

April 04, 2020 01:14 IST

Alia Bhatt Bakes Paleo Banana Bread, Vicky Kaushal Is Envious Of Those Who Can Flip An Omelette Perfectly

Alia And Vicky Kaushal Cook Food

The quarantine and lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has brought out those sides in us that we did not know even existed. And this time, something similar has happened to our favourite stars to

April 04, 2020 01:17 IST

Twinkle Khanna Faces ‘Middle-Class’ Problems During Coronavirus Lockdown

Twinkle Khanna Faces ‘Middle-Class’ Problems

The nation is reeling under the Corona pandemic. PM Modi has imposed a nationwide lockdown to eliminate the danger. Therefore, people are staying indoors and they are not going out for their day to da

April 04, 2020 02:12 IST

Ranveer Singh Gives Us A Glimpse Of Deepika Padukone’s Culinary Skills, Shares Pictures Of Yummy Food She Cooked For Dinner

Deepika Cooks For Ranveer, Latter Shares Pics

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone seem to be making the most of the quarantine. The couple, who had been dating for over six years before they tied the knot in November 2018, have been sharing glimps

April 04, 2020 10:43 IST

Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilli Wala Reply To Arvind Kejriwal, “Thank You Mat Karo, Hukum Karo”

SRK's Dilli Wala Reply To Arvind Kejriwal

The times we are living in are difficult. It is the time of the coronavirus and the entire country is under lockdown. There are so many people who have succumbed to the virus all over the globe and In

April 04, 2020 10:31 IST

Selena Gomez Reveals She Has Bipolar Disorder Says, 'I Think People Get Scared Of That'

Selena Gomez Opens Up About Her Bipolar Diagnosis

Singer-actor Selena Gomez has always been very open about mental health and she has now revealed to the world that whatever mental issues she was going through in the low phases of her life was actual

April 04, 2020 10:40 IST