12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

If you have followed watching Filmfare Awards from a long time, you would remember the category of Best Scene finding a place in the list. Right from late 90’s to as late 2012, Filmfare used to announce the Scene of the Year based on its cinematic impact and execution. For reasons justifying subjective interpretation, the category was done away with after 2012.

As much as we miss the jury adjudging one particular scene as the best of the year, we’ll have to agree with the decision of terminating the category. However, we thought about going down the memory lane and listing all the scenes that have so far won the best scene filmfare awards.

Here are all those 12 scenes listed:

(Due to copyright infringement issues, not every scene can be put as videos so we have listed them down)

1998 – Judaai

12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

The popular film based on the very unique of subject of Sridevi trading off Anil Kapoor in exchange on money had the best scene that won the award. While no information is available on which scene exactly was chosen the winner, it’s almost certain it was a comic scene featuring either Paresh Rawal or Johny Lever or both.

1999 – Ghulam

12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

The ever iconic scene from Ghulam featuring Aamir Khan running against the train to win a competition to beat Deepak Tijori is etched and fresh in everybody’s mind as ever. The famous scene was declared the best scene during Filmfare Awards in 1999.

2000 – Mohabbatein

While the three and a half hour long movie had quite a few impact scenes in its runtime, the scene that was chosen the best of the year came right before the climax. When a dejected Raj Aryan visits Narayan Shankar to make him realize how the rigid self –righteous father is a loser despite having got what he wanted, it filled the air with an epidemic of emotions. The very emotional scene that finally marks the change of heart in Big B was the best scene of the year.

2001 – Fiza

12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

The Hrithik Roshan-Karisma Kapoor starrer may not have gotten noticed at large, it still got itself to win the Filmfare best scene award. Unfortunately though, there is no information available around which scene won the award really. If the film is looked into once again, it could be the scene that where Hrithik admittedly confronts her sister and gets emotional after doing what he set out to do.

2002 – Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

The entire sequence of family reunion in London’s Blue Water Mall is something that gets to your heart always. The scene showcasing Jaya Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan finally discovering each other’s presence and embracing it is one of the most emotional sequences in the movie. Deservingly so, it won the award for Best Scene.

2003 – Devdas

12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

It’s ironic how the film that almost had the SRK stamp all over it had its best scene with no presence of him at all. The scene that won the filmfare award had Aishwarya Rai aka Paro meeting Madhuri aka Chandramukhi for the first time. While Paro has visited her to confront about Devdas, she is won over by Chandramukhi’s charming grace and her selfless devotion to Devdas. The scene was wonderfully enacted though!

2004 – Kal Ho Naa Ho

When an angry Naina storms out after discovering Aman’s plan to unite her and Rohit, it’s a magically written narration that follows later. Aman takes out Rohit’s diary and pretends to read what he’s written while in reality he’s only speaking out his feelings. The emotional scene streams us into what’s going on inside of all three characters in the movie at that point. No wonder it won the best scene award that year.

2005 – Hum Tum

When Rani Mukerji comes back to India after having settled herself in Paris, Saif gives her a visit at 2 in the morning. As the two are chatting over snacks, Karan aka Saif convinces Riya to do a mock arrange marriage discussion. The gradual conversation leads them into realizing their own feelings for each other and the scene without a doubt leaves us smiling. A deserving award! Watch it here:

2006 – Bunty Aur Babli

12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

Once again a Yashraj release taking home the Best Scene award with unfortunately no information around it once again. However, in all likeliness the scene that won the award could be the one where Abhishek and Rani sell the Taj Mahal to a rich foreigner. The film had a number of interesting sequences but this one really stood out strong.

2009 – Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

While Surinder Sahni is leaving for work post his marriage, he leaves breakfast at the table and picks out a red rose out of the vase to go with it. Visibly hesitant, he puts its back. The 30 seconder is enough to let us audiences know that Surinder is trying to make efforts while he has clearly developed feelings for her newly wedded wife who is very apprehensive of the whole thing. The award winning scene is literally filled with sweetness. Watch it here:

2011 – Golmaal 3

12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

The Rohit Shetty directorial had a long and funny sequence that interestingly did not have a single dialogue. After the families have united and the parents are happily watching Hum Sath Sath Hain on TV, the anger and frustration and enmity of the kids’ is showcased though actions. From props such as a rose, a green chilly to a cactus brought to use in the hilarious sequence will still make you laugh. It’s better you go and watch it right away for it can best be enjoyed that way.

2012 – The Dirty Picture

12 Times Filmfare Gave Best Scene Awards Before Ending The Category In 2012

The film that was laced with whistle worthy dialogues and feet sweeping sequences almost through its run had one element that stood out amongst all. The scene where Vidya Balan tells a fuming Emraan Hashmi that cinema works on three principles of Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment literally got the theaters on the feet. It had to win the best scene award really!

Note: There was no winner declared in 2007, 2008, 2010 & after 2012

Do you have your own picks for the best scenes? Let us know your choices in the comments.

Meanwhile if you’re listening Filmfare, just bring back the category will you?