Reasons Why Highway is a Must Watch

    Reasons Why Highway is a Must Watch

    Imtiaz Ali is back with another love story, Highway. It’s the story of a young vibrant girl who’s taken away from her family by a ruthless kidnapped. The relationship between the two gradually changes as they make their way from town to town on a highway.

    Alia Bhatt

    Alia plays the role of Veera. She’s silly, full of life and innocent. At first, it’s easy to draw parallels between her character and that of Geet from Jab We Met. Their fierce search for adventure, their desperate urge to roam free. But Veera has a different story to tell. Student of the Year was Alia Bhatt’s commercial debut; Highway is where she has bloomed into an actress. She is convincing in her happiness and even more so in sadness. There are moments towards the end of the film that will leave you speechless. I'm not just talking about strong emotions, Alia’s humorous quips will catch you off guard and leave you in splits. What a performance!

    Randeep Hooda

    It’s time to cough up a confession. I have never seen any of Randeep Hooda’s films. Even if I had, it wouldn’t matter. His performance in this film was incomparable. Phenomenal. The ease and intensity with which he played Mahabir was astounding. His command over the language, impeccable. Even in the tensest of moments, Randeep never left the skin of his character and for that, I take my hat off to him.

    Imtiaz Ali

    Since Imtiaz Ali wrote and directed this film, I’d like to point out the fact I did find the Veera-Mahabir romance unconvincing. I felt the camaraderie, affection and connection they shared. But, somehow the romantic bit didn’t click with me. That aside, I still feel it’s of the most profoundly moving films I have ever seen. Taking up a topic as controversial as Stockholm syndrome portraying it the way he did was truly commendable.

    A.R. Rahman

    He’s a legend. What more can I say? Every single song in the soundtrack is beautiful and suits the tone of the film. My favourites are Patakha Guddi, Maahi Ve and Kahan Hoon Main. There’s even an eccentric little track called Wanna Mash Up! You’ll have to watch the movie to know how it fits in!

    I’m not a critic and rarely put my thoughts on a film into writing. There is no way I can do justice to a film like Highway, but here’s my two cents regardless!