"I Never Sought Advice From Ranbir Kapoor" - Aadar Jain On His Debut Qaidi Band

As is the saying, it's in the genes. This is pretty much true for Aadar Jain, the youngster who hails from the family of Kapoors. With his Qaidi Band in theaters now, Aadar has made an unconventional debut in this Habib Faisal directed film which is produced by Aditya Chopra. We get chatting with the boy who clearly carries an inherent confidence.

"I Never Sought Advice From Ranbir Kapoor" -  Aadar Jain On His Debut Qaidi BandSource: dailyo

While you are starting your career with Qaidi Band, wouldn't you have rather expected a romantic launch for you?

Honestly, I wanted to just act. I wanted to be a part of the industry in some way or the other. I didn't think much that I want to do this or that. When I was being narrated the story by Habib sir, the first thing he told me was that I should consider the film only if I like the story and connect with the character, otherwise we both would be wasting our time. I honestly love my character, it is different and challenging. I connected with the story and would have lost a chance had I not done this film.

What's so special about this story?

 "I Never Sought Advice From Ranbir Kapoor" -  Aadar Jain On His Debut Qaidi BandSource: zeenews

See, people are generally unaware of the under-trials and hence the film was an eye opener. I have been far removed from this kind of life, I come from a protective family and hence when you play this kind of character, it is very challenging. In a way, Qaidi Band is a gift for me since the story is entertaining and engaging. I didn't have a set thing ki herogiri waali picture karoonga. On the other hand, I never thought that Qaidi Band bilkul hi alag type ki picture hai.

Moreover, you are getting a break with none other than Aditya Chopra. That must be exciting too.

I was so nervous before meeting Aditya Chopra. He is such a cool man and made me feel very comfortable. I had built up a lot in my head before meeting him. To then get a lead part in a Yash Raj film is a wonderful thing. It is quite prestigious since actors like Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra have started their career with he. We are all now in the same family. To see these people around me and learn so much is superb. I can go and speak to anyone in the YRF family. There are top directors, fellow actors, awesome writers all around me.

You also have your cousins like Ranbir and Kareena around you! Considering the fact that Ranbir is from your age group and Kareena is your senior, you must have got some good inputs from them, right?

 "I Never Sought Advice From Ranbir Kapoor" -  Aadar Jain On His Debut Qaidi BandSource: Bollywoodlife

Honestly, I never sought advice from Ranbir 'ki bhaiyaa main kya karoon'. He himself had assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali and used to wait to have a meeting with them. So in a way we have had our own struggles. We have taken part in all of that to find ourselves in the industry. You have to give auditions and so much more of you. I have had my own journey that away. I have assisted two great filmmakers myself so that has been enriching. When I started auditioning then it was a bit unnerving because sometimes the wait is long.

And the lesson that you learned from there?

(Laughs) Aapko pata chal jaata hai ki aap actually ek achche actor ho ya ghar par baith kar khud hi acting karni padhaegi!