Movie Review: Fan

Ever since the first look of the most awaited film 'Fan' was released, all of us started speculating what will the film be like. And then when the trailer was released we knew that we were in for a treat. The film which revolves around a fan's love for a star which turns into an obsession has finally released today and our Movie Jockeys are watching the film and here's what they have to say. 


The biggest incentive Fan offers in abundance is SRK's persona spread all over it. The first half that has its share of light and intense moments is only laced through the character of Gaurav Chandna. It has the Maneesh Sharma brand of flavour to it! While it pleases you, for the most part, the first half ends on a make or break junction and you sense things are only going to get more intense. If there has to be any major takeaway from Fan's first half is Shah Rukh Khan himself. Trust us you've never seen him get absorbed in the skin of the character like this. He is in the literal sense playing one of us, one of so many die hard SRK fans! From the Dilli wali fragrance to the tense emotional patches, Fan has freshness imprinted all over. While Maneesh has a legacy of losing his grip in the second half, let's hope Fan sticks through well.

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This film becomes a little more important because after 'Dilwale', which performed great in terms of numbers, but believe it or not, failed to impress the audience, Shah Rukh Khan's fans have great expectations from this one. 

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