Here Are All The Affairs That M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story Have Not Told You!

    Here Are All The Affairs That M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story Have Not Told You!

    Here Are All The Affairs That M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story Have Not Told You!

    M.S.Dhoni: The Untold Story released today. It had promised to give us a glimpse into the life of Dhoni that we haven't heard or known before.

    The most anticipated part that we all wanted to know was his affairs and love life. After the tragic death of his first girlfriend, Priyanka Jha, it was a really difficult for the cricketer to get over! But once he was stable in his career as a cricketer, there were a number of names that were linked with the Captain Cool!

    Unfortunately, the film has shown only Priyanka and Sakshi Rawat, Dhoni’s wife, and Dhoni’s relationship with the two loves of his life. What the movie does not show are the numerous other names that have been linked with him.

    Deepika Padukone:

    In 2007, the skipper expressed that he has a huge crush on Deepika. I mean who would not have a soft corner for the dimpled beauty? He had apparently asked SRK for a special screening of Om Shanti Om. Dhoni also invited Deepika to a T20 cricket match against Australia and the actress very humbly accepted the invitation. She was seen on the stands, cheering the team! It was also said that Dhoni had chopped off his trademark long hair because Deepika did not like men with long hair. While rumours were very strong, he always denied it!

    Preeti Simoes

    Dhoni has also been linked to Kapil Sharma’s rumoured girlfriend, Preeti Simoes. The skipper was rumouredly in a relationship with the creative director of Comedy Nights with Kapil. The two were dating very secretly.

    Raai Laxmi

    South siren Raai Laxmi and Dhoni dated for a very brief period of time in 2009. Raai even accepted the fact that the two were dating. But that was an affair only for a few months. But their affair had been brought up time and again. That has irked her so much that she has called the relationship a ‘scar’!


    Mahendra Singh Dhoni was linked with Asin for quite a few reasons. The two were the brand ambassador for a big fashion line. That was when the two were linked up! Apparently Dhoni was spotted at Asin’s Lokhandwala apartment before an IPL semi-final in 2010. His presence created such a buzz that a crowd had gathered to see him. That was not the end.  This also did not please Sakshi’s family much, who Dhoni was dating and engaged to at that time! The two were also spotted at a Sri-Lanka event in 2011, at a time when Dhoni was a much married man. Asin cleared the air and said that she just wanted to congratulate the skipper person!

    The Captain Cool is now married to Sakshi  Rawat and the two are now proud parents of Ziva!