The New Rishi Kapoor: His Recent Best Films

    The New Rishi Kapoor: His Recent Best Films

    The New Rishi Kapoor: His Recent Best Films

    Rishi Kapoor belongs to the most celebrated film family of Bollywood. He started his career in his father's films, Mera Naam Joker as a child artist but it was Bobby which became a superhit and gave him a breathrough. He has enjoyed a successful run as a superstar in the 70s through to the 90s. But we won't talk about that. We will talk about Rishi Kapoor Part 2, the next phase in his career where the romantic hearthrob title was passed on to his son, Ranbir and the father donned many other interesting roles.

    We feel he is not given enough appreciation for his wide-range of acting. Here is a list of his recent best performances!

    12.Chashme Baddoor

    This may not be his best but how adorable does Rishi Kapoor look dancing in this song from Chashme Baddoor?

    11.Patiala House

    This was not the first time Rishi Kapoor played a Sardar Ji but he totally owned it both times he did it and did not repeat himself.

    10.Hum Tum

    We all remember the scene where Rishi Kapoor revisits "Main Shayar Toh Nahin", an evergreen hit song from his first film.


    (Spoiler Alert)

    Rishi Kapoor totally shocked us with his death reveal when he popped under the ice. Say whaaat?

    8.Namaste London

    And you thought Rishi Kapoor can't play rugby. He even had strategies.

    7.Student of the Year

    Stereotyping aside, Rishi Kapoor played a homosexual character in a mainstream Hindi film. How many actors in the industry have the sense and guts to do that?


    There is a hard-hitting scene in Aurangzeb where Rishi Kapoor kills a character in cold blood and every other actor in the film looks pale.


    Rishi Kapoor amazingly played "Goldman" - a Dawood Ibrahim-like character. It is not easy to portray a villain with equal amounts of menace and humour but he makes it look like a cakewalk.

    4.Luck By Chance

    Comedy is something that comes naturally to Rishi Kapoor. Here he plays a quirky film producer and gives many laugh out loud moments in this film. An under-appreciated film and performance.

    3. Love Aaj Kal

    Rishi Kapoor plays a Sardar ji and a love guru for Saif Ali Khan. This will go down in cinematic history as one of his most iconic roles.

    2. Agneepath

    Sanjay Dutt was the main villain in the Agneepath remake but Rishi Kapoor played Rauf Lala, an original character created solely for this film. It was widely believed that he was better than Sanjay Dutt and this itself is a major compliment.

    1.Do Dooni Chaar

    Quite easily, the best Rishi Kapoor performance of recent times. He was funny, cute and loveable in a film that is simply a treat to watch.