Julie 2 Trailer: Raai Laxmi Stripping Is All Things Unsanskari For Pahlaj Nihalani's Film

Bold, Beautiful and Blessed, the trailer of Julie 2 ends with these 3 words. After all the noises of being a sanskari and trimming down the romantic scenes and dialogues from several Bollywood and Hollywood movies, Pahlaj Nihalani is finally back at his best. No no, he’s not making some sanskari film or producing any film based on our current PM, rather, the ever so sanskari, the epitome of clean mindedness, Mr Nihalani is presenting a bold film, full of sex scenes and cringe worthy dialogues.


Coming from a man who didn’t even spared James Bond kissing scene from Spectre, Julie 2 would have given him nightmares had he been the CBFC chief. But now that he’s out of his cage, Mr. Nihalani has flown back to his nest of double meaning, erotic and badly acted movies. Actors like Ravi Kishan, Pankaj Tripathi and Aditya Srivastava are completely wasted. With Aditya in his full “Abhijeet mode”, the film also has Raai Laxmi leading as the titular character who does nothing apart from showing a lot of skin and compromising. 

Raai laxmi strips for Mr. Nihalani's Julie 2