Shashi Tharoor Look Alike Finally Found!

With Andaz Apna Apna completing it's 20th anniversary, the mystery around who Shashi Tharoor's look alike is came back in to the limelight. After much chase, we finally have the answer!

*Drum roll please*

The artist was INDRAVADAN TAILOR. We know, because we heard from his nephew! 

Here's the letter we got from Tejas Pravin Master! 

Hey Diptakirti,

I was able to get two photos of the Shashi Tharoor look alike. Here they are! He looks a little different here with his moustache, but he was an artist and always used to change his looks.

Shashi Tharoor Look Alike Finally Found!

Shashi Tharoor Look Alike Finally Found!

As far as his movies are concerned, he had worked in many movies as a side artist, but the prominent ones are Tezab (in one of the songs... don't recollect which one)  Andaz Apna Apna & Hathkadi. He passed away in the late 90s, therefore, I don't have any more of his photos. I hope I was able to help you solve the 'Untold Mystery'.

-  Tejas Pravin Master

Tejas Pravin Master said that the look alike in question was his maternal uncle. The writer knew his mama was in AAA but came to know about the Shashi Tharoor connection only when he saw it on the 20th anniversary article! 

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