Here's Proof That 'The Kapil Sharma Show' Could Not Impact Sunil Grover And Chandan Prabhakar's Friendship!

Sunil Grover and Chandan Prabhakar were a part of the hugely popular The Kapil Sharma Show till the mid-air brawl in March between the show’s host, Kapil Sharma, and comedian Sunil Grover. Sunil decided to leave the show for good but Chandan chose to stay with Kapil.

None of this boded well for the show though, whose ratings tanked big time. In fact, it would be safe to say that it has still to get its mojo back. The Kapil Sharma Show dropped from 7 million impressions to 3.9 million impressions, as per a report by BARC India, the Firstpost reported in April.

Despite all the bad blood, the acrimony never really affected the warm relationship shared by Sunil and Chandan. This was evident as Sunil and Chandan shared a playful banter on Twitter on August 18.

Posing outside a villa Chandan tweeted: “sometimes posture of ur body defines”.

To which Sunil replied: “Is this picture what r u trying to define, the poster of ur body or beauty of the building behind you?”

Ever since Sunil quit The Kapil Sharma Show, the going hasn’t been particularly smooth for either of them, though Kapil was the worse hit. There have been reports of his health taking a beating and that he was suffering from depression.

Kapil, however, refuted all rumours. “It (depression) is just a big term for me (laughs). Apart from low blood pressure, I am not at all facing any health issues. I have started taking care of my diet and body. I am perfectly fine now,” he said in an interview.

Kapil is also busy promoting his upcoming film, Firangi.

Sunil, in the meantime, hasn’t done any television show of his own. He appeared in a special show called Special Night With Tubelight on Sony Entertainment Television (not a series, a special promotional show for Salman Khan’s Tubelight ) and keeps making special appearances on different award shows.