Thala Ajith's Tsunami Vedalam Makes 100 Crores!

    Thala Ajith's Tsunami Vedalam Makes 100 Crores!


    Meet Panlama? 1.... 2.... 3 Yes! Vedalam is now the talk of the town! From the box office numbers to the rocking Aaluma Doluma all you hear is Vedalam, Vedalam and VEDALAM! Ajith has completely dominated the screen this Diwali with his rock solid performance that has taken this movie to another level. The fans are completely excited and the celebrations are still going on! Vedalam has managed to achieve the impossible by minting 100 crores in just 8 days. This is a phenomenal achievement for Tamil Cinema as this is the fastest 100 crore film yet in the industry. Thala Ajith had already crushed Kamal Haasan's Thoongavanam in the first week, by minting 25 crores in two days where as the latter has managed to get only 1.4 crores. That sure is a huge victory!  Meanwhile, the  collections are continuing to rock and more records are expected to be broken. Thala has once again proved that he is "THE KING OF COLLECTIONS". 

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