20 Times TV Marriages Proved That Indians Never Marry For The Right Reasons!

 TV marriage are a huge grand affair. Whenever TRPs for a show shows a dip, the makers resort to a shaadi to keep the audience hooked for quite a few episodes. In fact with the preparations and stuff, it easily goes on for a good two weeks. But there is also a very important element is almost all the Tv marriages. 

They have at least some obstacle that would change the entire course of the wedding. These twists range from  grrom swap to bride or groom kidnapping to marrying for all the wrong reasons- like for a recipe book! They are absurd, but they are popular af and they show exactly what's wrong with Indian TV nowadays!

Here's a list of 20 TV marriages and their twist that proves that Indians never marry for the right reasons:

20 Times TV Proved That An Obstacle Is Mandatory In A MArriage Cere

We wonder  what the makers were smoking (and we definitely want some of it to also ignite our creative cells like this)?