Why The Success Of Sanju Is Not Going To Help Sanjay Dutt's Bollywood Career

    Why The Success Of Sanju Is Not Going To Help Sanjay Dutt's Bollywood Career

    Why The Success Of Sanju Is Not Going To Help Sanjay Dutt's Bollywood Career

    Inching closer towards a 350 crore domestic collection, Sanju has secured a place in the list of all-time blockbusters of Bollywood. The Ranbir Kapoor starrer biopic of Sanjay Dutt has struck a massive chord with the audience at large and they have showered the film with an unprecedented amount of love.

    While Sanju has surely given a huge impetus to the career of Ranbir Kapoor who was going through a serious flop streak, doubt remains that whether it will any positive impact on the career of Sanjay Dutt. We have several reasons to believe that is not going to be the case.

    One of the primary reasons is the fact that Sanju, which some people even called a PR exercise, at the most could clean up the bad boy image that Sanjay Dutt has had for years. Through the film, we got to the incredible story of a man who made mistakes but had the courage to own up to it. It increases the respect people had for him as a person or a human being, but then there are several golden human beings in the business who are not really the most successful stars in the industry. This goes to show that a clean image has little to do with box-office success and thus Sanju’s success has fewer chances of impacting Sanjay Dutt’s box-office performance in any way.

    Another reason why Sanju won’t help Sanjay’s career is his choice of films. Ever since his comeback film, Bhoomi Sanjay has been cautious about choosing scripts. His upcoming release, Saheb Biwi Aur Gangsters 3 which is hitting the screens tomorrow is also unlike the big-budget releases that Sanjay Dutt was accustomed to. Thus if there is anything that will determine his career graph in Bollywood would be his choice of scripts.

    Moreover, although he has proved his acting chops in films like Vaastav and Agneepath, he has always been more of a hero than an actor. In the current scene of Bollywood and also given his own age, he does not really fit the mold of a ‘hero’ in Bollywood anymore. He can always shift his focus to be a character in substantial films, but that perhaps will never give her the stardom and success that he was used. This is too big of a factor to be overshadowed even by the magnanimous success of Sanju.

    Last but not the least, although in Sanju the life and story were that of Sanjay Dutt, it was a Ranbir Kapoor film through and through. Whatever the benefits of Sanju were to reaped can be reaped by Ranbir Kapoor and maybe Vicky Kaushal a little bit, but it would difficult for audiences to tear Ranbir Kapoor out of Sanju and turn their focus towards Sanjay Dutt due to the success of the film.

     Nevertheless, we are just glad that Baba is back on screen and Sanju or no Sanju we hope he creates the magic that we all expect out of Munnabhai.