Zero V Thugs V Race 3 V Gold: Who Will Enter The 100, 200, 300 or 400 Crore Club

2017 despite all its failures ended up producing the most 100 crore grossers ever. And that really is the beauty of box office! While 2018 so far has given a huge box office hit in the looks of Padmaavat, we’d still have to concede the film was originally a 2017 release. With movies like Padman falling way short of the 100 crore mark, one thing is certain; only star power isn’t going to take you home.

Well anyway, this is just the start they say. 2018 with all its glory has a massive line up of biggies and one can only wonder the kind of box office performance they will put up. So we thought of sorting all those big releases and predicting their realistic box office tally. While all the big stars are already in contention to win the highest grossing title this year, let’s find out who stands the best chance.

Here are the box office predictions of all biggies lined up in 2018: