The Box Office Fate Of 13 Bollywood Films Where Big Stars Were Seen In Supporting Roles

Mega stars in Bollywood command attention from the audiences when they star in a film, their presence in a film is always such that we cannot help but be drawn. And for doing this they don't just have to be the big Bollywood hero in the film but they can also do it through the smallest of cameos in films where there is some other actor in the lead. Lately, the superstars in Bollywood have gone out of their way to support newer stars and have let them take the center stage while they supported them with a smaller part in the film. 

But how far has the megastars in a supporting role formula worked at the box office? The audiences will always go and watch a film for their favorite stars but what if they are not the protagonists in the Bollywood film? Does the film still gross big the box office? This list is your answer. 

bo Coll of Bollywood actors in supporting characters