Alia's Fashion Diaries: Bollywood Celebs Who Copied Alia And Celebs Alia Bhatt Copied

Alia Bhatt is truly an icon for our generation. At a very young age, she has been able to show a range of versatility in her acting chops and has impressed with one performance after another. It is would probably not be an exaggeration to say that in her generation Alia has the brightest future in Bollywood.

even in terms of fashion Alia has found her own style in Bollywood already. Fun, cool and casual Alia surely has a distinct sense of style of her own. in fact, there are several instances where different celebrities were spotted copying Alia's style, but there are also a few instances of Alia copying the style of other celebrities. Here are a Bollywood celebs who copied Alia and a few that Alia copied herself.