Bollywood And TV Celebrities Proudly Wearing Designer Knock-Offs Will Make You Feel Better About Yourself

Whenever we think of Bollywood fashion, we usually think of extravagant pieces and designer labels that, forget owning, we can't even pronounce. But that does not mean we do not copy the style of our favorite celebrities. But since we cannot afford the labels and brands they were we resort to buying our own dress material and coaxing our local tailor to become the perfect balance of Ralph and Russo and Manish Malhotra in a price that is more suited to our pockets or just buy cheaper knock offs from that market in our city that promises to get us the exact replica of that Sabyasachi lehenga Anushka wore, for our middle-class pockets.

While us peasants like us doing it somewhat understandable, but when celebrities who can afford to buy every designer label in the world, wears copied designs and knock off, which are usually safer it truly baffles us. Not only that, being popular figures who influence the fashion industry, them promoting knock-offs and copied design is grossly unfair to the original artists. Here are some major Bollywood and TV celebrities who proudly wore knockoffs and copied designs.