15 Most Stylish Female Characters Of TV!

TV serials have mostly had one theme- a baahu who becomes the beti for the family and her life in the sasural! We are used to seeing saree clad women, most of the times with the ghunghat, taking care of the sasural and championing over the evils that try to bring harm to them. But with changing times, things too have started changing.

Now it is not just the vamp who dresses up in stylish clothes. The lead actresses are also given a good style quotient. In fact, they have also ditched the saree and have embraced all clothes. We see them in dresses, skirts, and modern outfits too. And in case they choose the Saree, the blouses are pretty cool.

We have listed 13 of the most stylish TV female characters who have given us major fashion goals. Check out the list here: