12 Hottest Hollywood Actresses Who Are Currently Single

Hollywood is not only famous for its amazing movies or big blockbusters. It’s the actors and actresses who set fire onscreen whenever they appear and a role in a Hollywood blockbuster ensures a worldwide popularity on a magnanimous scale. The shutterbugs follow every move of these stars and fans simply love to follow their style trends apart from their upcoming films or shows. There have been a variety of actresses who have ruled over the audiences’ heart both on screen and off screen. From Julia Roberts’ charming smile in Pretty Woman to Emma Watson’s beautiful Belle in Beauty and the Beast, men have fallen prey to these beauties but sadly, both of them are taken! But don’t worry, we have you covered. One of them may become Shanti Priya to your Om Makhija! Here’s a list of 12 hottest actresses in Hollywood who are currently single:

13 Hottest Hollywood Actresses Who Are Currently Single