13 Bollywood Clashes Where Both Films Flopped

As every year has only 52 weeks, there are only so many Fridays the films can avoid clashing at the box office. Being one of the largest film producing industries in the world, it also becomes a headache for the film producers and distributors to get a clear slot for their films so that they can recover their money fast and make profit. Now, given that there is a galaxy of huge stars in India and almost everyone is working hard to churn films every year after year, these movies are bound to clash. These clashes often sour friendships cause a strain in relationships even amongst the families and losses for both the films releasing that same weekend. While the biggest of the stars may turn their films into some profit making entity, others aren’t that lucky. Here’s a list of 14 Bollywood clashes of past 2 years where both films flopped at the box office: 

14 Bollywood Clashes Where Both Films Flopped