14 Bollywood Films That Exposed Scams In The Most Riveting Narratives!

Bollywood has excelled in making films in many genres. There are films that can be accounted for their powerful storytelling, hard hitting performances, melodious music or wonderful direction. While many of us think that Bollywood only makes romantic films most of the times are grossly misinterpreting the depth of genres in Bollywood. We have had some great dramas, action thrillers, laugh out loud comedies and gut wrenching offbeat films. There is also the genre of scam filled crime movies presented in a thriller, comedy or dramatic way. While Hollywood may boast about Lucky Number Slevin, Ocean series or Catch Me if You Can, Bollywood also has its share of crime comedy/thrillers that will either keep you at the edge of your seat or will tickle your funny bones. Here’s the list of 14 Bollywood films based on different scams:

14 Bollywood Films Based on Scams