14 Bollywood Stars And The Appraisals They Deserve Based On Their Performances

Who doesn’t love appraisals? From an entry-level executive to the CEO and Directors of a company, everybody eagerly awaits for the appraisal season. All the hard work an employee has put up, all those extended work hours; tirelessly working to deliver tasks on time make the employees eager for the appraisal season as they would like to get rewarded for their efforts. Though we all know how most of these appraisals turn out to be, it is still fun to work and wait for the performance evaluation and who knows who hit the jackpot! Same applies to Bollywood, every year we see new stars being made out of ordinary actors while superstars faltering with their movies. There should be an appraisal system for Bollywood Stars as well and we at Desimartini.com decided to evaluate the performance of a few actors as per their latest outings. So let’s see who should get the performance bonus and whose CTC should be cut  by a few crores:

14 Bollywood Stars Who Deserve An Appraisal