15 Bollywood Actors Who Rocked The Playboy Role In Their Films

Bollywood has given us a lot of different characters over the years to root for irrespective of their traits. We love to see our favorite actors portraying various kinds of characters, ranging from intense to comical roles. Bollywood has an affinity to include romantic plots in almost 99 percent of its films and we have seen some of the best stories and characters in these films. 

Numerous actors have played the playboy persona onscreen and while some of the actors are just like that in real life, we see some of the actors totally disappearing into the role and becoming a 'player'. The Legendary Feroz Khan truly personified the playboy persona on-screen and some of the younger generation actors are carrying the torch forward. Here's a list of 15 Bollywood actors who played a playboy onscreen:

15 Bollywood Actors Who Played Playboy In Films